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An open community tool for AI and scRNAseq


2 minute read

An open community tool for genomics.


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Influence of the Core Regulatory Circuitry on AML dependencies

WRN dependencies

3 minute read

Repeat expansions confer WRN dependence in microsatellite-unstable cancers

PiPle: the startup

2 minute read

A big decision has been made. With Paul Best, we decided in the summer 2018 to launch PiPle…


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During my master thesis I had the chance to work with It a multidisciplinary team involving teachers in CS and Biology and a PhD student.


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An open source tool for scalable calcium imaging data analysis.

No Larsen Festival

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The NoLarsen Festival is a music festival that I managed and organised during the year 2016–2017 as part of my student society.