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PiPle is the next generation professional communication tool. It is a cross platform project led by a team of Engineering student, 👩‍🎓 from ECEparis which is led by me. We won a couple of Prizes for this project last year. The Berger Levrault Citizen Challenge as well as ECE innov awards. We are now in the midst of creating the alpha version of the project.

Us Winning the City Zen ChallengeUs Winning the City Zen Challenge

This one will be distributed to different companies during mid 2018. We are now composed of a team of a dozen people working part time on this complex project.

You can find more information, ℹ️ about this project and how to help us on the facebook page.

Our LogoOur Logo

My Involvement

The team behind PiPleThe team behind PiPle

This Project came from an idea, 💡 I had during the end of my 2nd year, at my first internship. A fundamental problem in in how people communicate both at work and privately made me realise that a new way of communicating was possible. I am now leading this project since a year and a half.

Together with Paul we focus now more on managing the project, creating the business plan and the fundraising. You can send me a message on any platform if you want to back, help or work with our team at PiPle.

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