My name is Jérémie Kalfon and I am a student, an entrepreneur and a researcher.

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Recent posts

Interviews at EPFL

1 minute read

During the last week of January I had the chance to enter the hiring program of EPFL’s edcb program.

Boston Interviews

1 minute read

I have had the chance to fly to Boston in the last week of January to spend a day at the broad institute of MIT and Harvard.

Interviews in Cambridge

1 minute read

A few months ago, I went to Cambridge, UK, 🇬🇧 to participate to hiring days and interview for EMBL-EBI

The Human Brain Project

1 minute read

The Human Brain Project is a European Research Organization focused on understanding the Human Brain using today’s new computational power.

An Internship in New York

1 minute read

I had the immense honour to get accepted for an internship at the Simons Institute’s Flatiron Institute.

HighLife Intership

2 minute read

HighLife has been the second internship of my higher education.