In this page, I will get a bit more personal and talk about the things I love to do in my free time. I am fond of science and technology. I watch a lot of youtube videos. I love movies and series and I watch a lot of SF. I have read many books and my passion too is in SF. I need music in my life and used to be a big video game player in my youth. I like sports, debate, food and travels.

Science & Technology

I am spending a lot of time reading vulgarization articles and watching youtube videos on science and technology.

Websites I follow

Science Youtube I cannot live without

In french:



youtube music

From there you will find what I consider the best playlists ever made :wink: :

techno DJ set Classic & BO Jazz & Chill Rock Make the girl dance summer jam

I also used to use soundcloud a long time ago: soundcloud Profile

Pssst: Here is a nice script to Download any videos on Youtube


… And here is a fancy script to specifically download music with thumbnails:

youtube-dl --no-overwrite -i --playlist-start 344 --write-thumbnail --yes-playlist --playlist-end 375 --output '%(title)s.%(ext)s' --restrict-filenames --extract-audio --audio-quality 0 --audio-format "mp3"\?v\=3sOvS33U0uM\&index\=325\&list\=PLXH5-WxRNyUVYcGBhgWif47veUAMBjZSZ

for i in *.jpg; do eyeD3 --add-image $i:FRONT_COVER ${i%.jpg}.m4a; done
rm *.jpg

I have never used this script to auto download all my music…

The books I love


  • Isaac Asimov
  • Philip K Dick
  • Arthur C Clarke
  • Bernard Weber
  • René Barjavel


  • Richard Morgan. Carbone modifié
  • Lewis, C. S., and Pauline Baynes. The Chronicles of Narnia. HarperEntertainment, 2005.
  • Phillip Pullman. A la croisée des mondes: trilogy.
  • Enid Blyton. Club des 5: Series. 1942-1963.
  • Robert Muchamore. Cherub: Series.
  • Anthony Horowitz. Alex Rider: Series.
  • Eoin Colfer. Artemis Fowl: Series.
  • Stephen King. Dome: Series.
  • Michael Grant. Gone.
  • Mary Pope Osborne. la cabane magique.
  • Clive Staples Lewis Narnia.
  • Liu Cixin. 3 body problem.


However, there are still so many I would love to read (or finish reading):

  • HP Lovecraft. The Call of Ctulhu. 1928.
  • Blandine le Callet. La balade de lila K. 2010.
  • Neal Asher. _Dark intelligence. 2015.
  • Isaac Asimov. humoristic work.
  • Richard Morgan. altered Carbon: Books 2 & 3.
  • William Gibson. The Sprawl: Neuromancer (1984), Count Zero (1986), and Mona Lisa Overdrive (1988).
  • Dennis E. Taylor. We Are Legion (We Are Bob) (Bobiverse #1). 2018.
  • Charles Stross. Accelerando.
  • Olaf Stapledon. Star Maker. 1937
  • André Malraux. la condition humaine. 1933.
  • Corneille. le Cid. 1637.



  • tennis –currently doing
  • table tennis –currently doing
  • triathlon (swimming, biking, running) –currently doing
  • basketball
  • volley ball
  • krav mage
  • judo

All my video Games

  • castle vania gameboy
  • adiboo
  • age of empire 3
  • battefront star wars 2
  • battlefield vietnam, 1942
  • beyond 2 souls
  • call of duty 2,4,5,6,7,8,9,10
  • civilization revolution, 5
  • crysis 2
  • destiny
  • fable
  • farcry
  • haze
  • heavenly sword
  • heavy rain
  • hitman contracts
  • jacky chan
  • lara croft tomb raider
  • lego starwars 1,2, batman
  • little big planet
  • loco rocco 1,2
  • lost planet
  • mafia
  • mario bros world
  • mario kart
  • need for speed most wanted 1, most wanted 2, undercover, carbon, underground 2
  • P.A.I.N
  • prince of persia 1,2,3
  • ratchet et clank
  • rayman 3
  • sim city 5
  • singstar ps3
  • skate 2
  • splinter cell
  • starcraft 2
  • street fighter
  • trackmania
  • world of warcraft
  • Zelda gameboy