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The NoLarsen Festival is a music, 🎧 festival that I managed and organised during the year 2016–2017 as part of my student, 👩‍🎓 society. It gathered 2000 people and was a heavy work to pull out during an intense school year.

One of our Artist Made PosterOne of our Artist Made Poster

One of the NoLarsen PosteerOne of the NoLarsen Posteer

This challenge helped me learn more about myself and gave me a rigorousness in my professional activities.

My mission in this society was one, ☝️ of the hardest. To organise the biggest music festival ever in my campus. It had to be in the center of Paris and to gather people during a school week. Our First investment was small. This festival was also a way for us to help a humanitarian organisation as we decided that all of our gain should be given the Secours Populaire which helps homeless people and refugees across France, 🇫🇷 .

You can find more about this festival on the Facebook Page of the Event.

My Involvement

The No Larsen Team of 2017.The No Larsen Team of 2017.

I was the VP meaning the manager of this event. The constant stress for through the year and the need to keep a meticulous agenda transformed me into a responsible, meticulous and involved human being. At its peak the team reached 50 students across multiple locations.

This experience was one of the most stressful and hardest in my life. Despite being far from what will be my professional activity I still feel today that it was one of the experience that prepared me the most for my future professional life.

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