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A few months ago, I went to Cambridge, UK, 🇬🇧 to participate to hiring days and interview for the European Molecular Biology, 🧬 Laboratory and European Bioinformatic Institute.

I knew England pretty well now but never visited Cambridge. We were hosted in a magnificent hotel,🏨 in front of one of Cambridge’s college. Most of the aspiring Ph.D. students there were very bright and knowledgeable.

The place is mixed with the Springer’s welcome genome campus and span many designer, 👩‍🎨 buildings. In summer at least it felt very beautiful and lively. The researchers were in group made cubicles which would not be, to me, the best way to let people interact.

We spent 3 days in total.

  • One for first introductions and a very stressful interview with many PIs at the same time, filled with tricky questions. We then finished the day going to a bar and having some “proper diner”.

  • One with lab, 🔬 visits and a final presentation of round of questions from every PIs again. The evening was fabulous, going to one of Cambridge’s oldest college and having the fanciest diner in a reception room, discussing with all PIs.

  • We spent the last day with final lab visits and group selection. We then went on to visit the city, 🌃 and do canoe, 🛶 on Cambridge’s river.

I was not accepted there, it was probably for the better as the coming month would be filled with amazing projects and news that would not have even matched this magnificent city.

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