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I have had the chance to fly to Boston in the last week of January to spend a day at the Broad institute of MIT and Harvard. There I met with parts of the cancer data science team.

Their goal is mainly to understand cancer and find new therapies by using techniques of RNAi screening / CRISPR-CAS9 screen which knocks out genes 🧬 the cell. They can then record the new cellular activity. Similarly with drugs screening. A lot of computational tools 🛠 to be designed to infer the reasons and actions of such screens.

I had the chance to meet with Pr. Vasquez, Pr. Tsherniak, Dr. Dahria, Dr pimkin as well as Joshua Dempster, James McFarland, Guillaume kugener, Mustafa Kocak, Phil Montgomery and Jadwiga Grabarek. All very nice and brilliant.

This day was intense and I only had 28hrs in Boston. The stress was obviously 🙄 high and white board questions made me feel as incompetent and stupid as they should have. However it was an amazing experience. The Broad Institute is amazing and so was Boston. I only had the chance to walk across the river, glide on the frozen water of the Boston public garden and get a humongous shake shack.

The meeting was part of my ongoing effort to find my next research environment in Computational Biology🧪. Here the position is a job of two years as an associate computational biologist.

**I am now very happy to announce that I have been officially accepted and I am flying to Boston in a couple month to live and work there for the next two years!

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