A MSc at the University of Kent

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I recently came back from a graduation, 🎓 day in Canterbury, England. There, I have received in the most sumptuous Cathedral, a Master of Science in Advanced Computer Science, 🧪 and Computational Intelligence with Distinction from the University of Kent.

I had a lot of choice of destinations to do a double degree arrangement during my last years at ECE. I decided to choose this one as it seemed to me the best opportunity to both enter the academical system, get a degree from an english speaking country and learn about machine learning.

There I went to live on the campus in what I found to be a gigantic university. My room was 10sq meters large and with only a small window showing an empty field. I cried for 10mn straight when I arrived. Coming back from a crazy internship, some conferences in Lausanne and a life in Paris… it was different.

But I knew that everything was in my head and that if I would to put things in order and create a nice environment, I may be happy, 😃. There I put the distraction away, far away and I was left with myself and a will to learn.

I took courses and even 2 additional ones (out of curiosity). I got books, 📖 at the library and set in order a daily planning that filled my day entirely.

I had one, ☝️ plan. To produce an amazing master thesis, to learn as much as I could and to find the best possible Ph.D.

Boy it was nice, 👍 . My girlfriend, at the time, was living in London and I cam every 2 weekends to see her and spend time in the city. I was not envying her as I discover the peacefulness of Kent.

The efforts were worth it and I would never do things differently, I discovered the British way of life with its Wittabix, pubs, 8 pints, 🍻🍺 a night, its porridges and brunches.

You can now more about before, during and after this exchange, here

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