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I imagine a future that I might not live to see, a future that might never exist, but a future that I am craving, full of wonders, possibilities, and ideas—a future with fewer dumb problems and more complex ones.

In it, people live very long and healthy lives. This was deemed a great benefit to society and a very unexpected solution to the population collapse problem. People now have, on average, a dozen children, but over multiple centuries. Of course, children are not born in the old-fashioned way but are incubated for 21 months. Their genome is carefully crafted to prevent them from many of the illnesses and other issues that plague them.

In this world, although familial relationships still exist, the notion of dynasties and economic / power transfer has diminished. Individuals and organizations are even more intertwined, and every human starts with minimal access to a somewhat acceptable existence with unlimited possibilities.

I imagine a future where people teleport themselves to pretty much anywhere. Whether through virtual means or by using fully automated cars that look more like living rooms, bedrooms, and offices than anything we know about.

In this future, people have friends and family, but they also have an even closer set of companions: AIs that act more like symbiotic second brains than actual external agents. Like our own psyche, they carefully craft our interactions with the world.

I envisage a future where people operate within a system far more democratic and decentralized than our current one. ism is the new political standard, a system that, despite being a subject of intense debate and conflict, harmonizes with the intricate financial and economic structures that shape our world. It empowers citizens to exert significant control over the formation of their local environment, instilling a sense of reassurance and confidence.

Kuberism defines a socio-political framework where power is less concentrated in the state. This power is exercised through citizen-owned mutuals, essentially micro-governments, each responsible for a specific societal function. The citizens, as shareholders, hold the power to vote on most decisions that impact their daily lives, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration. In a Kuberist society, decentralization is the norm. Mutuals can rule over small communities or large regions. Acting like companies, they constantly compete to be the most efficient and effective, leading to a constant drive for improvement and innovation. Kuberism is a form of democracy that has been elevated to the next level. In this system, every citizen actively shapes society and their own lives. It provides more freedom and can only truly work thanks to the speed of communication allowed by information-age technologies.

Although most currently conceived notions of religion have disappeared in this system, spirituality is still very present. Notions of empathy consciousness have now forever merged with scientific and technological ideas and ideals, tinted with political views. They make new religio-politico-cultural entities that also shape the world.

Finally, ecological marvels have been created. Humans started making their own ecological systems on earth, returning it to a state that, although never really existed before, would fit our ideal of the diversity of luxurious natural landscapes. Some people had initially thought that climate change would be the end of humanity, but geo-engineering and modified organisms allowed humanity to greatly decrease its most harmful effects.

Are there still worries and doubts? Yes, as always, humans still maintain a highly potent ability to destroy everything they have created and more. Changing even the course of celestial objects is now possible, allowing entities to destroy entire planets. But wars are now fought even more in the realms of minds and cyberspaces.

What about prisons and crime? Crime still exists but is seen as a shared responsibility between the individual and the society. Mental illnesses as we know them are rarer and sometimes seen as fantastic in a world where mental stability is a given. Internal and societal wars are still fought as they will always be. What will the future hold? We choose. We imagine.

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