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During my third year of undergraduate studies, I went on to do a semester exchange in Mexico.🇲🇽

The city, 🌃 of Queretaro of the eponym region is placed in the center of Mexico and tops a 2000m plateau.

There I studied computer, 💻 science, design and statistics at the Tec de Monterey. We lived at 5 students (unfortunately all French friends in a big house, 🏠 in the UNESCO heritage city center.

I would be lying, to say the least, to say we worked hard during this time. My 6 month stay was filled with trips across Mexico, night out in the city, tasting amazing foods and drinks, 🍸 .

We visited Teotihuacan, Mexico DF, Puerto Escondito, Puerto Vallarta, Morelia, Xochimilco, Tolantongo, San Miguel de Allende, Guadalajara, Xilitla, San Luis de Potosi, Tequila and many more.

There I had a tons of fun but also tons of problems. I was alone and could only count on myself. It taught me a lot. Things that cannot really be taught otherwise as I could not even translate it into words.

I think, 💭 it is going back from Mexico that I really became an adult. This experience was formative.

I really miss it now !

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